Hawaii is one of the top travel destinations for people. Who wouldn’t want to lounge around all day with a view of the blue ocean? The islands themselves are small compared to the number of people who visit. Resorts are built yearly and locals cater more and more to tourists.

Before I took a break from traveling full-time, I had my chance at visiting the beautiful state of Hawaii.

My friend Logan from the Hostel Obispo in SLO extended an invitation for me to join him and his family at a resort in Hawaii. We hung out a lot in San Luis Obispo so we knew it would be a great time to get away from work and other hassles. I had never been to Hawaii, but Logan and his family had gone a few times before. Also, it was new for me to travel with a friend instead of going alone.


I flew out of Dallas, TX on September 16th and landed in Hawaii 11 hours later. My internal clock was thrown off and jet lag hit, but I was too excited to fall asleep! There is a 5-hour difference from Texas to Hawaii and I was running off fumes. The only thought in my head was, “Bed.” When we got to the hotel, an absolutely beautiful room with a king-sized bed awaited! There was no time wasted and sleep overcame me.


The next morning, I woke up to noises outside the room. It was time to meet Logan’s family so I got out of bed (reluctantly) and went outside. We greeted one another and sat outside on the Lanai (what they call a porch). The sun was beautiful and I got my first glimpse of the Hawaiian scenery.

It was beautiful.

Hawaii Hawaii

I’ve traveled around the United States, but this was entirely different! Hawaii had palm trees and mountains. There were people lounging out on the beach soaking up the sun in the mid-morning hours.

We got ready for the day and headed to Duke’s Diner for breakfast. I had my first taste of fresh papaya in Hawaii. The food was filling and we headed out for a walk to enjoy the scenery. I was with Logan’s mom, Nancy, and David’s, Logan’s brother, girlfriend Diana. We walked for about an hour along the shoreline and found our way to the Starbucks cart. It was a beautiful morning with a slight sprinkle of rain to cool us off.

After finishing up our walk we all decided it was time to hit the beach. The trend for the day would include sun and water. The resort offered us coupons to rent out pool chairs on the beach. We hardly used the chairs when we were on the beach. Usually, you would see us throwing around a football or simply floating out on the ocean! We thought ahead and bought all the sunscreen available. We lathered up in order to avoid the natural occurrence of sunburn, but it would bite me in the butt (literally) eventually.

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

Dinner time approached quickly after the hours spent in the sun. The group went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner. Logan prepared fresh vegetables and pasta while the sunset on Hawaii. One of the best features of our rooms were the fully-equipped kitchens!

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

Later that evening, the “kids” would go down to the pool and enjoy the remaining hours of the evening. We swam and jumped into the jacuzzi! The first night was going down in the record books as a perfect evening.

Hawaii Hawaii hawaii

Jet-lag was hitting our group hard. David and Diana had flown in from New York and their internal clocks were one hour later than mine. Nevertheless, we stayed up until the late hour of 10:00 PM (3:00 AM my time).


The day ended quickly and I knew the week would fly by too fast! I wanted to enjoy every second so I put away my laptop and hardly touched my phone all week. What accompanied me was my camera and my new friends. What else is needed to enjoy a wonderful day in Hawaii!

Questions for you:

  1. What’s your number one destination?
  2. Have you ever been to Hawaii?
  3. Where do you like to go on vacation?

Till Next Time,

Merely Melina