I’ve heard it all.

  • “How do you pay for everything?”
  • “Is somebody sponsoring you?”
  • “How much does it actually cost?”
  • “I wish I could be young and escape responsibilities.”
  • “You must be rich.”

Here’s how I afford to travel full-time.

At the age of 15, I stumbled upon Nomadic Matt’s website. Matt was a full-time traveler who supported himself through his blog! He wrote inspirational content that made his lifestyle seem attainable and I wanted it. For the next 6 years, I would work as hard as possible to become a full-time traveler. I wanted to inspire others just like Matt inspired me.

At the age of 17, I finished high school and started attending a local community college. This was when I began building my resume for traveling. I worked towards my Bookkeeping Certificate and fell in love with Accounting. After a few years, I was able to find a job working for a web design company as their Bookkeeper. Now, I’m able to take my job wherever I travel!

I work an average of 16 hours per week. My responsibilities include monthly reconciliation, customer followup, and accounts receivable collections. As long as I’m connected to WiFi and have enough coffee, I can work anywhere!

Eventually, I want my blog to be my #1 source of income. For now, I really enjoy working for the Web Design Company! The work I’m able to do pays for my expenses and provides a comfortable lifestyle.

The second thing I do is work for my room and board. I’m able to do this by living in hostels and working a few hours a week. As a single traveler, I can’t afford my own place only working part-time and this offers everything I need.

In exchange for a few hours of work, I get to enjoy a bed to sleep in, Wifi to use, and on occasion, food to eat. Plus, I’m in the perfect environment to meet fellow travelers who are on the same journey as I am!

So, that’s it. That’s how I afford to travel. No, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to travel full-time. Sure, if I was paying for hotel rooms and eating out every night I wouldn’t be able to afford it! But because I work as I travel, cook for myself and avoid paying rent I can stay on the road longer.

Here are some good resources to help you afford to travel:

  1. HelpX.net
  2. Workaway.info
  3. Rover.com (yes, you can housesit and watch fluffy puppies at the same time)
  4. Craigslist (great for finding work and odd jobs)

Also, read books like:

The best way to save money while traveling is to research everything beforehand! Sometimes, you can find a cheaper hostel just by moving you plans 20 miles. Or, you can save a few hundred bucks by flying out on a different date. Know your stuff, know your area, and be flexible.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions you have about how to afford to travel!

Till Next Time,

Merely Melina