Here’s the thing.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to be with.

There are the small decisions for the present and the huge choices for the future.

And I know nothing.

So, what am I supposed to do?

For the past 4 months I’ve been traveling around the US, working in Hostels, vacationing on Islands, and adventuring with new friends. Now, I’m back in Fresno sharing an apartment with one of my friends (yay for my own room again). After traveling for so long, it’s hard to make this my new reality and I don’t know what to do next.

It’s been an amazing experience figuring life out as a solo traveler. I’ve had learning curves like getting lost in the Los Angeles subway tunnels and sitting alone for 2,500 miles on an airplane. Traveling was the first chance I had to be financially independent. It got me out of my parents house and provided a way to be on my own. Now, the next learning curve is to make a home for myself as an independent adult.

As I mentioned above, I’m living with one of my childhood friends. After sharing a room with strangers for 4 months, it’s a nice change to have my own space. I don’t have to listen to strangers snore all night, or people setting their alarms for 5 in the morning. It’s only been 5 days since I came back “home,” and I’m working on finding a second job for the Holiday’s.

So, I may not know what to do, or what my future has in store, but I’m doing what I know to do. I’m going to work. Stay independent. Spend time with the people I love most. And always choose the adventures that come my way.

Be patient with me as I try to figure out my next move! I’ll keep you updated.

Till Next Time,

Merely Melina