It has officially been three weeks since my last attempt to leave California. That trip went from bad to worse giving me no choice than to head back home, but even that was an almost impossible task! Finally, after 12 hours inside of a dirty bus station in downtown LA, I was finally home and perfectly content to stay there for a while.

But travelers are resilient and have to get back on their feet in order to survive. So, here’s my attempt at getting back on my feet!

Upon making my way to Corpus Christi Texas, I’ll be spending a few weeks with the family I have there. It’s going to be fun spending quality time with people I love but never get to see.

Also, another reason for this trip is to decipher where I belong. I want to build a “home” for myself; whether that be in a physical structure or a mental state of mind. There needs to be a place I consider mine. I want to be comfortable and fully at peace expressing myself in this “home.”

I’ve pondered possibilities like renovating an RV or a Van and moving across the country. Then there’s the option to rent an apartment or a room with a few people, but the decision is proving itself very difficult. Even if I choose what to do; where do I do it? Where do I uproot my life and commit to my home? Financially, it will be straining. Especially in today’s economy for a single person. So, making this move will be a large commitment that I need to consider very carefully.

As a solo, female traveler, I’ve faced difficulties with loneliness, and my biggest fear is being stuck in a place all by myself with nowhere to go. No matter how much I research and plan, I’ve never gotten to a place of complete peace, but I’m starting to think that’s not the goal anyway.

Any major decision in life takes faith. Whether that be in somebody else or your own ability to do something. The turning point of my life was the moment I started to make decisions based on my own needs and things tended to work out.

What I’m saying is, making this move is going to be difficult, but it’s possible. The power is in my own hands to do what I want. It’s not going to be finances or loneliness that keeps me from my dream; it’s faith. I need to have enough faith in myself to get the job done.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen amazing people do great things for themselves. You know what their greatest strength was? They allowed themselves to be put in a position of potential failure. Without this risk, they wouldn’t have succeeded anywhere in life. They had faith in themselves.

 So, here’s to the faith I’m putting in myself to do what’s best for me. When I figure that out, I’ll let you know! 😉

Till Next Time,

Merely Melina