It all began as an idea to revamp Merely Melina into a Lifestyle Blog. Although I still plan on traveling, I found that it wasn’t the only subject I wanted to write about. Within a few weeks, I had reinvented the entire design of my website and was super excited! Then the anxiety began to set in and I was afraid. I didn’t know how to write a Lifestyle Blog. What if people weren’t interested in what I have to say?

A few week break turned into a few months and motivation to publish posts slacked. My excuses included; I’m not ready, it needs to be better, maybe I should wait till everything is perfect before I open it up again. The only problem is that I know it will never be perfect, but I was hindering progress.

Fast-forward to a cold, January evening spent at my brother’s house. In a dazed state of mind, I asked a question, “Daniel, what do you see me doing with my life? Like, a specific job, a title, a degree?” and he turned to me and said, “Nothing in particular for a while at least.”


If that were to be true then I have complete freedom to figure it out without pressure. It doesn’t have to be perfect right now. I don’t need to chase a specific lifetime career right now. I’m young! Today, I’ll be turning 22 and it’s exciting! The possibilities are almost infinite.

In my first 21 years I’ve managed to;

  • Travel alone for 5 months
  • Worked in Hostels
  • Gone to Hawaii
  • Taken a Construction Class
  • Earned a Bookkeeping Certificate
  • Am working an awesome online job for a great company
  • Bought a real camera
  • Found a direction for life
  • Broke out of the hypocrisy that was my life
  • Started listening to my body
  • Fell in love with myself
  • And most all of this occurred in 2017.

In 2016, I broke the mold. In 2017, I lived to find myself.  And in 2018, I hope to build on that foundation. Life isn’t measured in assets or even security; it’s about me experiencing life to its fullest. I’m ready to try anything in order to discover a little more about the person I was created to be.

So, welcome back to the blog. I want to share my life with you in order to inspire, encourage, and help. All I can say is things are going to get deep and the comfort zone will be pushed! Already we’ve talked about fighting depression and learning to express yourself through personal identity. Please, join me on the journey that is this life and let’s learn a few things together.

Till Next Time,

Merely Melina